Monday, July 25, 2011

Cheap Eats at IKEA Houston!!

In our Sunday paper this week, we received the new 2012 IKEA catalog. We love IKEA, and even though it's a little bit up the road, I love taking the kids and just browsing all their great furniture and home goods. Anytime we go, we always make sure to visit the restaurant for their awesome (and fantastically cheap) breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. They also sell $0.50 hotdogs downstairs, which my kids LOVE! So I was super happy to see some great advertised deals in the back of the catalog that I thought I'd share with you guys. If you have an IKEA nearby, you might wanna check it out.

FREE Breakfast until 11 am.
Scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes.

(Everyday Price: $0.99 -- still a GREAT pri

$0.99 Pasta Meal
Organic Pasta with Tomato Sauce
11 am to close

(Everyday Price: $1.99)

Choose from 3 different combos!
Chicken Strips, Mac and Cheese, Swedish Meatballs.

(Everyday Price: $2.49)

$6.99 BBQ Meal
BBQ Ribs, French Fries and Cornbread

(Everyday Price $7.99)


$1.99 Roasted Chicken Meal
Roasted Chicken and Mashed Potatoes


$1 Hot Dog & Soda Combo

(Everyday Price $1.50)

$0.69 Coffee with Swedish Coffee Roll

Everyday Price!!

$2.99 Swedish Meatball Meal

10 Swedish Meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and lingonberries.

This is a new everyday price and my personal favorite!! $1 cheaper than last year!

Major yums on the cheap!! (Prices valid until June 30th, 2012)
Visit IKEA Houston Restaurant Page!

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