Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Upset with Kroger's Policy Change? Get Involved!

OK, so with all this talk about Kroger's new coupon policy and their decision to end the double/triple coupon program in Houston, I thought it would be smart to let my readers know what they can do to get involved and hopefully inspire Kroger to rescind this damaging new policy!

  1. Kroger won't know we're upset unless we tell them!
  2. When Kroger eliminates savings incentives in their stores, it gives their competitors LESS motivation to continue their own programs. There's already chatter about Randall's ending their double/triple program!
  3. If your Kroger store is still doubling/tripling coupons, consider yourself lucky, but your time may be running out! If this plan succeeds in Houston, one of the most competitive grocery markets in the country, what will stop Kroger from taking it nationwide?
  4. Our voices CAN make a difference. Years ago, Giant Eagle, a multi-billion dollar grocery store chain, stopped doubling coupons in Northeast Ohio. But a group of concerned shoppers was able to put their efforts together, set up a website, alert the media, call the right people at Giant Eagle, e-mail, boycott, speak to store management, etc. And a couple weeks later, they changed their mind and brought back the doubles. So we CAN make a difference, but we have to speak up!
  5. These changes will not only hurt working families, but will be particularly hard on seniors and low-income families that rely on coupons to stretch their fixed income budgets!
  6. These changes will also greatly impact donations to local food banks since many avid couponers make regular contributions to local charities. Our stockpiles can only hold so much -- we share the rest! Need for struggling families will grow while contributions dwindle!
  7. Unless you have access to a computer, the internet, an Android or Smartphone, as well as an expensive data plan, and the memory of an elephant, many of the new digital savings plans Kroger is offering will be irrelevant to you. Do you really want to keep up with 150+ ecoupons loaded to your card, ecoupons that may or may not come off at checkout?


Contact Kroger:
Email Kroger by visiting their Customer Comments form.
Email Kroger Corporate by visiting their Customer Comments form.
Call Kroger at: 1-800-KROGERS (1-800-576-4377)
Call Kroger at: 1-866-221-4141

Visit Kroger's facebook page to comment on these changes.

Send them Snail Mail:
The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Post Comments Regarding the Issue:

Let the Houston Food Bank know that contributions are likely to be affected by this change in policy and the NEED for contributions will likely grow. In an economy that's already struggling, and with grocery prices rising every week, this will HURT Houston!

Email Walmart Corporate and ask them to implement a double/triple coupon program here in Houston. Reports are coming in that Walmart is already testing out a similar program in Utah County. Let them know they would be wise to bring one here and scoop up our business!

Join the
Kroger Couponers group on facebook for details, news, and support. Add your voice and suggestions. Join the boycott!! We need many members to make a significant impact!!

Most importantly, please commit to stop shopping at Kroger until they rescind the decision to end the double/triple coupon program in Houston. Let Kroger know that you'll be taking your grocery dollars elsewhere. The biggest impact we can make is at the register.

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