Saturday, April 2, 2011

Personal Update....

Sorry I haven't been posting as much recently. I had TWO toddler boys in the house this week -- mine and a friend's -- so I was especially busy with trips to the park, outdoor play, art projects, etc. Now that the weekend is here, I'm hoping to get a little more blogging in and, of course, shopping! Just to play catch-up, here are some quick updates....
  • My husband got a new job!! Same company, but he'll have a more family-friendly schedule, more money, and hopefully -- fingers crossed -- less stress. This is our most exciting news of the week! God continues to bless our family and I am so grateful!
  • Still working on house updates. So far, we have recessed lights in the kitchen, but that's about it. Flooring is next. Walls and kitchen cabinets need to be painted. New kitchen sink faucet needs to be bought and installed. We've measured for kitchen blinds. There's lots to be done, but we're taking our time.
  • On a related note, we learned how to re-caulk the bathtubs on our own! We were going to hire our brother-in-law to do it, but after watching several YouTube videos, we gathered up the confidence to do it ourselves. And it was so easy, I almost feel like an idiot for not doing it years ago. The caulk was nasty, y'all. Eurgh!
  • Walmart. Totally loving them. So far, I've only had 1 incident in which I had to pull out my new coupon policy, and it was because a cashier was uninformed and a manager had been out on sick leave. It took over 20 minutes, but it was handled exactly as I would expect -- I was taken to customer service where the manager looked it up online, confirmed what I was telling her about coupon overage, then completed my transaction quickly and with a smile. She even said I'd taught her something new and gave me a high five! I left the store feeling like a valued and respected customer.
  • Kroger. Totally bummed about the new coupon policy. Then I get an email this morning saying they've had a security breach and my name and email address were compromised. Fabulous. Spam courtesy of Kroger. At least I'm still getting some freebies from them. *smirk*
  • Definitely sending out emails this week to both Kroger (negative) and Walmart (positive) regarding their new coupon policy changes. Hoping to try out Walmart's price-matching policy during the next Kroger Mega Sale.
That's it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend! .

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