Sunday, April 17, 2011

FREE CVS Bag Tags = $1 ECB Every 4th Visit!!

If you haven't already invested in a CVS Green Bag Tag, this is the week to do so!! Here's how you can score 2 FREE Green Bag Tags at CVS this week.

CVS Green Bag Tag @ $0.99
- $0.99 ECB received (limit 2)
Final Cost: FREE!!!

Just attach the CVS Green Bag Tag to your favorite reusable bag and each time you shop at CVS, the cashier will scan your green bag tag at checkout (limit 1 scan per day) and you'll earn a $1 Extra Care Buck on every 4th visit. It's like getting an automatic $0.25 coupon on every transaction. Since January, I've already earned $13 in FREE Extra Care Bucks just for using my green bag tag. So it's definitely worth snagging a couple while they're FREE!!

NOTE: If you already own a green bag tag, consider grabbing another one for additional bags, or to give to a friend!


  1. I haven't heard of this yet. I'm going to check on that this week. Thanks!
    Have you been watching Extreme Couponing on TLC?

  2. Mia, if you shop CVS, you MUST have a green bag tag. And if you need some reusable shopping bags, Walgreens has theirs on sale this week for $0.99 Buy One Get One FREE with in-ad coupon. CVS doesn't care what bag you use. Just attach your free green bag tag and start earning with every visit!!

    And I've seen just enough of the show to be able to speak on it with some authority, but I think the show is really damaging to the couponing community and I've spoken out against it. I try not to write about it here because I hate to "advertise" it. One of the participants on the show is even being investigated for committing coupon FRAUD on the show. Definitely NOT a way to learn how to coupon -- with the shelf clearing, the ridiculously large stockpiles (hoards), etc. I've already started to see really nasty comments about couponers being "legal thieves" and other things like that. And stores like Kroger are ending their double/triple coupon program here in Houston. Look for more changes at a store near you, thanks to that show.

    Sorry to ramble. I just get riled up when I think about it. LOL

  3. OMG, My husband has the same opinion! He told me yesterday while grocery shopping, "Enjoy it while it lasts, thanks to that freak show." He got me thinking about that. I know one lady who buys things she doesn't need and gives it to the homeless shelters - but anything other than that is definitely hoarding in my opinion, too! I mean, who needs enough toilet paper to wipe with for the next ten years? (LOL) ;P

  4. I agree. And a lot of couponers DO buy things specifically to donate them. I try not to buy things ONLY to donate because I might be taking an item off the shelf that someone might actually NEED for their family. But I sometimes get things at CVS or Walgreens so I can roll my Register Rewards or ECB's forward, or I might buy things because they'll be a moneymaker I can use on other items. And if I don't need them, I donate them. Stockpiling and hoarding are not the same thing -- the difference comes in understanding how much to keep. Some go way overboard.

    Personally I don't really care what people buy, or how many boxes of snack crackers they have stacked in their closet, I just wish they wouldn't go on national TV and make us all look bad! LOL