Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Few Good Fiesta Deals!

Here are a few great deals I see in my Fiesta ad this week.

Farm Tender Fresh Pork Sirloin Chops $0.99/lb.
Limit 2 with $10 Additional Purchase

Salad Tomatoes $0.88/lb.

Iceberg Lettuce Head @ $0.79 each!!

Fresh Jalapenos @ $0.49/lb.

Large Green Bell Peppers @ $0.39 each

Louisiana Live Crawfish @ $1.29/lb.
**Sold by the sack. We've been watching prices on this item and this is the lowest we've seen so far.

I haven't really done much shopping at Fiesta up until this point, but I definitely think I'll take them up on the pork chop offer! My hubby loves those and that's a fantastic price! Not sure about ad-matching the "$10 Additional Purchase" items at Walmart, if anyone was interested in that. I may have to look into this.

UPDATE: I spoke with the manager at my local Walmart last night about the $10 Additional Purchase requirement and was told that they WILL price-match the ad, but will NOT require you to make an additional $10 purchase. However, you can get varied answers from different stores, different managers. One manager said I had to adhere to the "limit 2" stipulation in an ad, the manager last night said I did not. My advice -- it's always best to take a moment and ask at customer service first. Once you have the answer, take note of the manager's name, so if there's any trouble at the register, you can ask the cashier to call for that manager.

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