Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walmart Run -- Cheap Bra after Overage!!

Baby girl needed a new bra (she's only 10, mind you, but outgrowing these suckers about once every 6 weeks!) so we headed to Walmart to score one cheap with overage! Here's what we got....

4 Gain Fabric Softener Sheets 40 ct. @ $1.87
- 4) $3/1 coupons from the 2/13 RP
Final Cost: FREE + $4.52 overage!!

1 "Soon-to-be-Outgrown" Hanes Bra @ $7.94

Paid $3.70 OOP!! YAH FOR OVERAGE!!!


  1. SCORE!!!! Awsome!!! I know what your talking about w/ the growing out of them so quick!! Yikes! I am glad to hear i'm not the only one suffering from this! hahaha
    I did manage to score 2/ 80 ct boxes of gain sheets for 26 cents each

  2. I seriously have no idea how my poor mother managed with 3 teenage girls in the house. LOL!

    I was so depressed - I still had a load of those $3 Gain coupons. I'd meant to do several more trips this past week to use them all up, and get freebies with the overage, but just got super busy and ran out of time. Coupon sadness. :(