Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walmart Price Matches Kroger Mega Sale Items!!

OK... so I just posted about my most recent trip to Walmart, right? And once again, ZERO hassles at checkout! In fact, I even learned something new! And exciting! Here it goes...

There was a woman in front of me price-matching a lot of different ads. This is something I've always been curious about, but never
seen, much less tried. So
I was mesmerized! And it looked super easy. She just waited until the cashier came to an item she wanted to price match and then she'd show him the price in the ad. He'd manually alter the price right there. Easy!

ut here's the most exciting "got a tickle in my tummy" part! She even price-matched MEGA SALE items from the Kroger ad!! And she didn't buy 10, y'all. I watched her (with my own two eyes) price-match ONE Sunny D for the $0.89 price in the ad. What???

Now, granted, Walmart won't triple the $0.25 coupon f
or Sunny D. But soon, neither will Kroger. So I found this especially interesting. And if I only wanted to buy 1 or 2 of the Mega Sale items, I could just take my ad to Walmart. No need to buy in sets of 10! This is especially helpful for when I only have a few coupons left, or maybe only saw a few good match-ups to begin with. Or when Kroger is out of stock!

Now, Kroger, don't you feel silly? I wouldn't have even thought of doing this a week ago! (I still really hope they reconsider!)


  1. hey girl! wow~wee!! Thats totally awsome! i have been around here and there. I still get my coupons but I havent been posting. I haven't really done any "ta~da" shopping trips.... They just opened a walmart super center in my area and I am soo excited about it. I am excited about this, so I can get everthing in one shot. I have a few grocery stores around that have something on sale here and there but I dont want to go there just for one thing.
    I need to learn this!

  2. Hey Girly! I'm thinking the same thing as you -- it would be nice to condense my shopping trips down, especially with gas prices so high. Definitely something to learn!! :D

    You can read Walmart's official price matching policy here: