Friday, March 25, 2011

KROGER: No More Double/Triple Coupons!!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you suddenly feel like you're in a nightmare, and you almost wish it WERE a nightmare, even though you're wide awake? I just had one of those moments *sigh* ....

According to Stephanie over at Katy Couponers, as of April 13th, Kroger will no longer be doubling or tripling coupons in Houston and the surrounding areas -- including Galveston. Furthermore, if you have any ecoupons loaded to your shoppers card, those will now trump your paper coupons. So even if you have a $1.50 paper coupon for Coffee-Mate, for example, the $0.75 ecoupon loaded to your card would trump it and you wouldn't be allowed to use the $1.50 coupon. Once loaded to your card, Kroger ecoupons cannot be removed unless they are redeemed or expire.

I've been unable to locate anything official about this change online -- either at the website, their facebook page, or the Kroger corporate site.
Apparently these changes will be announced over the following week to card club members via email and the official public announcement will come on April 6th.

I sincerely hope that Kroger reconsiders these proposed changes and listens to their customers. Before I started couponing, I was doing the majority of my shopping at HEB and Walmart, but doubles and triples at Kroger gave them a significant edge. I'm not saying I won't shop Kroger anymore, but with these changes, they will undoubtedly lose a great portion of my business. I absolutely LOVE my Kroger store, and I can't tell you how sad this change will be for me, but as a couponer and as a saver, I go where the deals are.


Email Kroger by visiting their Customer Comments form.
Email Kroger Corporate by visiting their Customer Comments form.
Call Kroger at: 1-800-KROGERS (1-800-576-4377)
Call Kroger at: 1-866-221-4141

Visit Kroger's facebook page to comment on these changes.

Send them Snail Mail:
The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Stay tuned to the Kroger Couponers group on facebook for details, news, and support.


  1. If this happens in my area.....I will be soooo upset.....I was crushed reading this. Please Kroger....don't do this to us! :-(

  2. if my e-coupon trumps over my paper coupon- i just take the product back at the courtesy booth!


  4. They get most of there money back from the manufacturer,i know they pay a small bit when they double or triple.Why not just double instead of triple or maybe have 1 day a week that they triple coupons...

  5. Angee - I agree! And unfortunately, people who are calling Kroger with complaints are being told it will go nationwide! They're claiming it's due to budget restraints, which I can understand, but I wish they'd find other ways to cut costs. So sad!

    Anonymous -- Those are GREAT suggestions! I think we have to keep emailing them with positive suggestions on ways they can cut their costs in other ways, besides hurting their customers. I can respect that it's a business move, but it's certainly not a GOOD one.