Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Paid to Print and Redeem Coupons!

Hey guys! I just wanted to pass on a little research I did this morning on printing coupons. There are several sites that will actually pay us to print and redeem coupons through their site and I wanted to know which one was offering the best rate per coupon print. Here's what I found....

and SendEarnings:
  • Pays: $0.10 per coupon redeemed.
  • Rate per 10: This equals out to $1.00 for every 10 coupons printed and redeemed.
  • Coupon Companies Featured:
  • Downside: $30 balance required to cash out. (+ Check processing fee?) Processing is slow.
  • Upside: Straight-forward and simple to understand. No point conversions necessary.
  • Payment Type: Check via postal mail.

  • Pays: 10 points per coupon redeemed + 25 BONUS points when you redeem 10 or more in a single month.
  • Rate per 10: Points tend to range from $0.005 - $0.007 cents per point -- depending on what reward merchant and amount you choose. (I'm basing my calculations on a $50 CVS gift card priced at 7100 points). So first 10 coupons (125 points) would equal approximately $0.88 for 10 coupons printed. (But only $0.70 for every 10 coupons after the first 10 since you will only earn ONE bonus per month)
  • Coupon Companies Featured:,,
  • Downside: Points have more value when saved and redeemed for higher value cards, so it could take quite a long time to really see the benefit of your printing efforts!
  • Upside: Great selection of rewards to choose from, fast shipping of rewards. And it's the only one that offers Smartsource or Cellfire coupons!
  • Payment Type: Merchant and Restaurant Gift Cards, PayPal


  • Pays: 10 SwagBucks per coupon redeemed.
  • Rate per 10: Each SwagBuck equals $0.0111 when choosing the $5 e-gift card for 450 points. (This is the most popular/best value reward.) So 10 coupons would equal $1.11. <--- BEST RATE!!
  • Coupon Companies Featured:
  • Downside: Rate based on only ONE reward selection. So if you don't want gift cards, this might not be for you.
  • Upside: Won't take you very long to reach reward point! You'll earn a $5 gift card for approximately every 45 coupons printed and redeemed.
  • Payment Type: $5 e-gift card. Other rewards available, but value varies.

So for most of us, SwagBucks would be the best choice to print our coupons!! One exception: When printing Smartsource coupons or loading Cellfire coupons, you will want to use your MyPoints account since they're the only one that offers these.

Hope this helps! And even though it may seem like a pain to go through SwagBucks to print your coupons, just try to remember that it's like saving an extra $0.11 per item you purchase with that printed coupon. So if an item is FREE after coupon -- it's actually an $0.11 moneymaker when redeeming a coupon printed through SwagBucks!! And every penny counts!

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