Sunday, March 6, 2011

CVS 20% Coupon: Eureka Moment!!

OK, so if you read my blog regularly, you might remember this post where I expressed my frustration and bewilderment with those seemingly useless 20% OFF CVS email coupons. Since they can't be used against sale or clearance items, I've just never really figured out how to make them useful or relevant to my shopping trips at CVS. Until now!! I had a "Eureka!!" moment last night when I was looking through a few "FREE" coupons I had in my binder. And it hit me... I could turn "FREE" item coupons into moneymakers with the 20% OFF coupon! Here's how it works....

Step 1: Sign up to receive CVS email coupons. Hopefully you'll receive lots of $$ OFF coupons, but if you happen to receive a 20% OFF coupon, don't fret. Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Take your "FREE" item coupons (example: FREE Chef Boyardee Coupon) or any coupons that you know will make an item FREE (example: $1 off ANY Taster's Choice coffee coupon that will make the 7 ct. sticks FREE) with you to CVS.

Step 3: VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure these items aren't on sale or advertised in the weekly ad. Also, make sure you have other items in your purchase to cover the overage you're about to receive. Sale items are fine! The 20% off coupon will automatically apply solely to the non-sale items in your transaction.

Step 4: Purchase the items at checkout. Hand over the 20% off coupon first. This will automatically deduct 20% off the non-sale items in your purchase. Then hand over your FREE or "Will Make FREE" manufacturer's coupons and the full value of those will be deducted. The 20% off will now act as overage on the other items in your purchase.

Step 5: Smile. You just made money at CVS.

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