Friday, March 4, 2011

Cellfire Super Savings Promotion Today -- 3/4/11 Win $0.50 or $3 Coupon! (Kroger/Randalls)

Woohoo! Cellfire is running yet another coupon giveaway promotion! Just login to your Cellfire account anytime today (Friday, March 4th) between 5 AM and 8 PM (CST) to win either a $0.50 or $3 coupon to be loaded to your Kroger or Kroger affiliate shoppers card. And this time around, Randalls is also included in the promotion, so if you have a Randalls card, be sure to play!! (Safeway is NOT included)

UPDATE: I wanted to load my $0.50 coupon to my Randalls card, but for some reason, it only let me load it to my Kroger card. So maybe Kroger is the default? Just something to note. Still, I'm happy!! Gonna use it toward some toilet paper later today. Thanks, Cellfire!!.

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