Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toss-Out Time -- 2 Inserts, Safeway Booklet

If you save your coupons as complete inserts, it's time to toss a few out! All the coupons in the following coupon inserts have expired as of yesterday.

10/24/10 RP
--expired as of 1/31/11
12/26/10 P&G
-- expired as of 1/31/11
Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book -- expired as of 1/31/10

Be sure to double check your inserts before you toss them out, as inserts are regional, and may contain a few coupons I don't have in mine. No coupons are showing up in the coupon database for either of these inserts, so I'm tossin' them!

Consider recycling your inserts or donating all your expired coupons to military families overseas! Military bases overseas have volunteer programs that collect and distribute the coupons, making them available to families who shop at the PX or Commissary. (Up to 6 months past their expiration date!) Here's what you have to do...

  • Gather your expired coupons and sort into food and non-food groups. Remember that only "manufacturer coupons" are useful; store specific coupons cannot be used in the PX or Commissary shops.
  • Coupons can be expired up to TWO MONTHS at the time you send them. Anything older than that, you might as well toss or recycle. Remember, however, that you can send current coupons that you do not plan to use.
  • Collect the coupons into baggies or envelopes marked "food" and "non food".
  • These baggies/envelopes will go into a larger envelope for mailing. The Overseas Coupons Program site recommends mailing in USPS Priority mailers, which allows you to send large numbers of coupons for one set fee. This isn't necessary, however, if you'll be sending smaller bundles that would not make a USPS Priority envelope cost effective.
  • Thoroughly review the Overseas Coupons Program site which has detailed information regarding adopting a base and mailing coupons properly.
Personally, I recycle my inserts at my children's school. It's part of a fundraiser and our school earns money for all the paper recycled in the large green dumpsters located in the school's parking lot. If you'd like to learn more about this type of recycling, or to find a school recycling bin near you, just head over to the Paper Retriever website!

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