Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kroger Run for Wings & Drinks!

Remember when I posted about the FREE 12 ct. chicken wings ecoupon at Kroger awhile back? Well, that ecoupon turned out to be a major pain. The ecoupon was only good on Kroger "Wholesome at Home" wings, but everytime I'd ask about it at the deli section, they'd just look at me like I had two heads! I tried three different stores with no luck. There were plenty of Wholesome at Home rotisserie chickens, but absolutely no wings.

So I finally gave in today and ordered a simple 12 ct. Kroger wings and decided to risk it at the register. It didn't work, of course, but when I explained the situation to the lady at the service desk, she promptly checked the ecoupons on my card (I didn't know they could do that!!) and gave me cash back from the drawer! Easy as that. Yet another reason to love my Kroger store!! Here's what I got!

6 Sunny D's @ $1 each
- 6) .25/1 coupons from the 1/16 SS (tripled to .75 each!)
Final Cost: $0.25 each!

Kroger 12 ct. Chicken Wings @ $3.96
- FREE Kroger ecoupon (no longer available)
Final Cost: FREE!
** Kroger ecoupon did not come off but customer service gave my money back.

So I got everything in the picture for just $1.50!!


  1. Awsome girl!!!! U lucky duck! U and ur kroger! Ugh I have been horribly sick. Didn't get out at all last week. I had my daughters birthday party yesterday and today. ( sleep over) thought I was going to die lol. 10 out of 14 showed up!!! 11 pre-teen girls at once ugh! I'm wore out lol. Anyways~ awsomeness on getting ur money back. That's cool they did that for u!!!

  2. How weird! The baby and I have colds here too. And we had a boys only sleepover this weekend -- they practically wiped out my chips and soda stockpile!! I'll take boys over girls any day of the week, though!! Girls are C-R-A-Z-Y!!! LOL :P