Monday, January 3, 2011

Walmart Accepts Competitors Coupons?? We'll see...

Here's the buzz of the day. Apparently, Walmart put out some exciting statements on their last sales ad. (You'll probably want to hold onto that ad for future possible transactions.)
"We'll match the price of any local competitor's printed ad or coupon for an identical product. Exclusions apply. See store for details. "
"We match competitors coupons. And we gladly accept one valid manufacturer's coupon per item."
So what do I think? I'm interested to know what "exclusions apply" means. I'm generally a skeptic, and I usually think marketing like this is created in a vague way to give the company the upper hand when negotiating the "wording" in an ad. If it isn't in the official coupon policy, or made absolutely clear, we don't have much power at the register.

I have read about others using coupons at Walmart with little to no trouble. Apparently, you have to hand over the coupon at the beginning of the transaction - they price adjust it at checkout -- then you can use a manufacturer's coupon on it. I've never tried, though. I haven't had many problems at Walmart, with the exception of one visit, but their cashiers tend to be less knowledgeable than at other stores and not nearly as coupon-friendly. And that's on a good day with just a few straight-forward coupons.

Besides, unless I was going to save a LOT of money, why wouldn't I just take that same Target coupon to Target -- as a way of saying "thanks" to them for offering the coupon in the first place? If Walmart really wants to compete, maybe they should start their own coupon program. Or offer a few $ off purchase coupons throughout the year. And most importantly, train their cashiers and managers to create a consistent coupon-friendly shopping experience for their customers. I’m happy to spend my shopping dollars at Walmart, but not if it involves a fight, negotiation, educating the cashier, getting managers involved, etc. and so forth.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days as people start trying it out. For now, I'm remaining hopeful. At least they're making baby steps or hints at snagging our coupon business. Only time will tell if they follow through.

(Thanks, Ohio Coupon Connection!)

UPDATE: There are now conflicting reports amongst bloggers claiming the ad was a misprint, while others are claiming to see signs in-store, and fliers being passed out as recent as today that have the same offer. Everyone claims to have gotten varied responses from store managers. For now, it seems, nothing is official.

View Walmart's Official Coupon Policy.

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