Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walgreens Run -- Rolling my RR's!

So Walgreens doesn't really have very much in the sales ad that interests me. Unfortunately for me, I have quite a few Register Rewards that expire this week. So I made a quick trip to roll some of those forward and I'll hope for a few "secret" deals to surface as the week goes on. Here's what I got today...

Spend $15 on Select Vicks, get $5 RR, Spend $20, get $10 RR
2 Vicks Sinex 20 ct. Liquicaps @ $5 each
1 Vicks DayQuil 20 ct. Liquicaps (+ 4 Bonus) @ $5
1 Vicks NyQuil 10 oz. Liquid @ $5
- 2) $4/1 Sinex coupons from the 12/26 P&G
- $3/2 DayQuil and NyQuil from the 12/26 P&G
- $10 RR received for spending $20
Final Cost: 4 FREE + $1 moneymaker
** If you have four of the $4 Sinex coupons, you can buy four of those for a $6 moneymaker. I used most of my coupon stash up during the last sale.

ThermaCare 1 ct. @ $2.50
- $1/1 IP coupon
- $2.50 RR received
Final Cost: FREE + $1 moneymaker!

3 Valentine's Bags @ $0.29 each (fillers)

I made some kind of miscalculation on my total because I was expecting to pay over $12 in previous register rewards. But my total only came to $11.37 so I paid $9 in previous register rewards and $2.37 OOP. Then I got back $12.50 in new register rewards.

So I got everything in the picture for FREE + $1.13 moneymaker!!


  1. I thought about this deal.... I might do it. We usually buy NyQuil when we get sick. I should stock up. I havent had time today to sit down and look over the deals. That is a good idea tho I need to make sure I pay attention to my store bucks so they dont expire. My luck i would. Thanks for the tip

  2. Register Rewards are only good for TWO weeks, so you really have to stay on top of those. Thankfully, CVS ECB's last a lot longer (around a month), so you can afford to skip a week here or there. Unfortunately, with Walgreens in particular, I sometimes have to force myself to grab deals just to roll my register rewards forward in the hopes that there will be a better week in the future that I can spend my RR's on. I'm not sure about Rite Aid's Ups. But yes.. if you let them expire, you actually spent FULL price on all the items you paid for and received those RR's for. So watch it! Always spend the register rewards with the closest expiration date first! I keep them in order by expiration date in my Walgreens envelope.