Sunday, January 9, 2011



Here are my favorite deals for this week at Walgreens!

Go! Kids Multi-Vitamin Gummies 60 ct @ $5
- $5 RR received
Final Cost: FREE!

Buy 2 packages of Stayfree pads 28-48pk @ $6.49 each
- BOGO coupon from the 1/9 SS (will deduct $6 max value), PLUS
- $1/1 coupon from the 11/7 RP or IP (for the one you're paying for), PLUS
- $3/1 Walgreens in-ad coupon (will deduct $6)
Final Cost: 2 packages for FREE!
** BOGO coupon has a max value of $6 and beeps. Make sure cashier knows this and enters it accordingly.

Colgate toothpaste 4.6 oz @ $1
- $1/1 coupon from the 1/2 SS
Final Cost: FREE!
** Some regions received .50/1 coupons

Reach Total Care with Whitening Floss @ $3.99
- $2/1 coupon from the 10/10 RP, PLUS
- $2/1 Walgreens in-ad coupon
Final Cost: FREE!

Buy 4 Reach Total Care Toothbrushes @ $3.99 each
- 2) BOGO coupons from the 10/10 RP, PLUS
- $2/2 IP (for the 2 you're paying for), PLUS
- $2/1 Walgreens in-ad coupon (will deduct $8!)
Final Cost: 4 FREE toothbrushes!

TwinLab Max Dots Resveratrol Tablets 60 ct @ $9.99
- $10/1 Walgreens coupon in the January coupon book
Final Cost: FREE!

Bic Triumph 2 pack Pens @ $1.99
- $2/1 coupon from the 1/9 SS or IP
Final Cost: FREE!

Orbit 14 piece gum @ $0.69
with in-ad coupon
Buy 2 packs of Orbit Gum @ $1.29 each
- BOGO Orbit IP coupon (-$1.29)
- in-ad coupon making each pack $0.69 (-$1.20)
Final Cost: 2 packs for $0.09 Total!

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal 12 oz @ 2 for $5
- $2 RR received wyb 2
Final Cost: $0.25 per box!

Quaker Quick Oats 18 oz @ 2 for $3 with in-ad coupon
- $1/1 coupons from the 1/2 RP
Final Cost: $0.50

Buy 2 Jergen’s Ultra Healing Lotion @ $4.29 each
- $3/2 coupon from the 12/5 SS
- $5 RR received wyb 2
Final Cost: 2 Lotions for $0.58 Total!

Tylenol Precise Cream 2.5 oz or Heat Patches @ $5.99
- $2/1 coupon from the 12/12 RP
- $3 RR recieved
Final Cost: $0.99!

Buy 2 Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray Pocket Pump @ $3.99 each
- 2) $1/1 coupons from the 11/14 SS or IP
- $5 RR received wyb 2
Final Cost: $0.49 each!
** This is a MONTHLY Register Reward Deal!!

PillGlide Swallowing Spray @ $5
- $5 RR received
Final Cost: FREE!
** This is a MONTHLY Register Reward Deal!!


  1. help I am a little confused on the stayfee pads!! I have 5 of the BOGO and 5 of the $1/1 coupons plus the in store $3.00 off ..... How exactly do I do this? lol HELP lol

  2. First, the $3 off coupon is a limit of 3 (it'll only work for 3 items max). So you're going to have to do 5 separate transactions to use all your coupons. Do you have more than one store you can hit? Just run each transaction like this...

    Buy 2 packages of Stayfree Pads 28-48pk @ $6.49 each. Your total will come to $12.98. Hand over your BOGO coupon first -- this coupon will need to be manually inserted. The cashier SHOULD deduct $6 because that's the max value of the coupon, but she might enter $6.49. Either way, make sure you have something else in your purchase to cover the overage. Next, hand over the $1 off coupon. This will cover the package you're paying for. And lastly (this is important - give this coupon LAST), show her the $3 off coupon from the ad. This will deduct a total of $6 since you bought 2 of them. Your total will now be ZERO plus a little overage, depending on how your BOGO's were entered.

    Remember that the store will only be reimbursed for $6 so if you like your store and your cashiers, it's good to speak up and tell them about that max value. You'll miss out on a little overage, but you're still getting them free, doing the right thing, and showing them that you're an honest couponer. Relationships are sometimes worth more than money!

    You'll then have to run this again in another 4 transactions. Hope this explains things -- if not, let me know. :D

  3. Yes! Ty! I ended up doing this and I am blogging about it right now. Something went wrong. LOL I didnt see your comment till i got home but I had tried it just with 2 packs of pads. I am confused about the overage tho? what is that and how to I factor that in. Why would I need something else in my purchase?

  4. Because even if the cashier only deducts the max value of the BOGO coupon ($6), your total is going to be negative by 2 cents. I don't know how tax might factor into that, though. Usually my tax goes negative when my balance goes negative - it's always hard to figure out what it's going to do. So I usually just try to have a little something else in the cart (look for clearance items, a piece of candy, a pencil). The store can't give you cash back, so you can't go negative. Does that make sense? Overage usually isn't a problem if you're buying several items.

  5. ooh ook i was making that waay more complicated in my head! LOL Thanks!!!