Thursday, January 13, 2011

FRUGAL TIP: Check Your Receipts!

Question... do these look like Large Hass Avocados to you? No? That's funny... because apparently, they looked like large Hass Avocados to the cashier at my local Randall's store today. So I almost got charged $1.50 for each of them even though green bell peppers are on sale this week 2 for $1!! Ouch! That's a $2 dollar difference at the register, folks!

Before I started couponing, I never really checked my receipts. I guess I just trusted the stores to charge me the advertised price, charge me for the number of items in my cart, and never make mistakes. Since I started couponing, however, I've started reading my receipts before I even leave the store. I check to make sure items ring up at the correct price. I check to make sure each coupon came off and came off at the correct value. I look for accidental duplicates -- sometimes the cashier will accidentally scan the same item twice (especially when you're buying multiples of the same product). You can't imagine how many times I've found myself at the customer service desk for mistakes -- either by the cashier or the register. And it makes me wonder how many times I've overpaid for items over the past 15 years because I never checked my receipts??

So even if you're not interested in couponing, this is a great tip. Accidents do happen, so check your receipts. If you see something that doesn't look right, go straight to customer service. They're usually great about providing a resolution. Some stores even give you the item FREE if it doesn't ring up correctly. So it's definitely worth your time and effort. Every penny counts!


  1. Oh thats a good tip!!!! You would think they would at least enter the right produce!

  2. These mistakes happen all the time. Sometimes, even though I check my receipts, I still miss them and don't catch them until I get home. But if you check your receipts in the store, you'll have a better chance at fixing it. Plus, you save yourself the time and gas money and headache of returning to the store later.

    Give it a few months and you'll see what I'm talking about. I bet I've overpaid hundreds of dollars in the past from these little mistakes -- a dime here, a dollar there. I bought flip flops on clearance once for $1 -- but they rang up $5. When you're buying $60 worth of stuff, and you have 40 or 50 items in your purchase, it can be easy to overlook or miss that $4 difference. So check your receipts and know what things cost! :D