Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FREE Blockbuster Express Code!

Wanna score a FREE movie? Here's a new code for a FREE night's rental at any Blockuster Express Kiosk. Just enter the code during checkout!

- 1 FREE night's rental. Expires 1/18/11 at midnight.

Don't forget to return your movie before 9 PM the following night. And remember, you can use promo codes once per credit/debit card. So three cards = three movies with the same code! Find a Kiosk near you. (We have several located in Randalls stores around town!)


  1. I have only seen one of these in my area and its wasn't up and running yet..... cant wait. I usually go to red box.

  2. If you click on "Codes" under site topics, you'll find some red box codes too. Those codes typically don't expire as quickly as the blockbuster codes. And you can use them once per credit/debit card, up to 3 cards. :D

  3. oh wow i didnt know that! thanx a bunches!