Sunday, January 16, 2011

CVS Run 1/16 -- Pepsi Stock Up!!

Here's what I decided to get at CVS this week...

6 Pepsi 12 Packs @ 3 for $10
- $10 ECB received when you spend $20
Final Cost: 6 for $10 or $1.67 each
** This ECB deal was taken from the last page of the sales ad. If you ran a similar deal last week, this one is coded differently, so you can run it again!

4 Orbit Gums @ $1.29 BOGO Sale
- 2) BOGO IP coupons (Max value $1.00 each)
- $2.58 for BOGO sale
Final Cost: 4 for $0.58

I used a $4 off $20 purchase CVS email coupon and paid $16.00 in previous extra care bucks + $0.60 OOP. And I got back a $10 ECB for buying the sodas and a $1 ECB for using my bag tag.

So I basically got everything in the picture for $5.60. That's like paying $0.93 per 12 pack and getting all the gums for FREE!


  1. DANg!!! Thats awsome. I ALMOST made the mistake and bought a 12pk of soda at a gas station!! Just because I was there and hubby texet and asked me to get some soda cuz we were out. GASP! But I stopped myself and thought what the (&%(#&% are you thinking! LOL I decided to drive and extra 6 miles to CVS and get their 6/$20 w/$10 ECB back instead! I am sooo glad I did. I almost fell off the wagon! LOL Now I have that $10 ECB to use this week. How ever I am not seeing much I am excited for so I might wait till next week.

  2. 12 pack at a gas station -- AHHH!!! RUN FOR YOUR FRUGAL LIFE!!! LOL!!

    My husband drinks bottled ice tea that I can never get a coupon or deal for and I HATE it!! Also, I can't stockpile it since it's refrigerated, so I just have to keep buying it week by week. UGH. My sister did give me a good idea, though. The next time I get it on sale ($1.50 is my stockup price), I'm going to buy a couple extra gallons and try to freeze them. *fingers crossed*

  3. LMAO!!! Your too funny! Hey thats a good idea about freezing it. Should be ok as long as its not in glass bottle. I wouldnt see why it wouldnt work. tea is mostly water! Hmm...ill cross my fingers for ya!