Monday, January 10, 2011

The Anti-Deal -- Courtesy of my Husband! LOL

Let me introduce you to the Anti-Deal. See, sending my husband to the store is risky business. If I ask him to buy me 1 item, he will inevitably bring me 3. If I ask him to buy the cheapest brand, he will inevitably buy the most expensive brand available. If I ask him to go and buy just one or two things, he will inevitably bring home at least one other item he found in the store -- no coupons, no concern for price, no concern for budget. Just something he wanted, just because.

So I sent him to Walmart the other morning to pick up four items. "Just get me 4 cans of Golden Mushroom soup and use this $1 off 4 coupon," I told him. If I hadn't been knee-deep in a freezer cooking session, I would've gone myself. But I was desperate, so I risked it.

Big mistake.

What he came home with was this bucket of peppermints. He seemed really excited about it. Peppermints. *smirk* To make matters worse, wait until you see how much these things cost.

1 Bucket of Bob's Sweet Stripes Peppermints 160 ct. @ $5.24
- No Coupon, Register Rewards, ECB's, or deal whatsoever
Final Cost: Frugal Darling's Sanity!!

Seriously, who pays over $5 for a bucket of peppermints? That's right.. my husband. (God love him!!) Not meat, or organic vegetables, or even a really nice box of chocolates. I fully accept that this man I love isn't exactly frugally-minded, but peppermints?? Not really sure what else to say. LOL! (Love you, Honey!!)


  1. ( my internet hates me today.... I have tried to comment 3 times here LOL)

    Your too cute with this!! My hubby is the same way! He always says "but it was a great deal" HA! move over honey i'll show you what is a great deal!! hehehe silly hubbys!!

  2. LOL! Exactly! When you consider the fact that I can get entire boxes of cereal, or coffee creamer, for just $0.04 each -- it seems RIDICULOUS for him to pay $0.03 PER candy peice. And he bought 160 of them!! Oy!

    I think his brain is just wired differently. He grew up very poor -- so to have money and not spend it just seems foreign to him. But he's actually very good and usually understands what I'm trying to accomplish. He's my biggest cheerleader when I come home from the store with bags full of stuff for only a few bucks. Love him! Just not his peppermints. *smirk* LOL

  3. Your too funny!!!

    Tell him that was his allowance for the whole month!! LOL