Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cascade Stock-Up at Walgreens!!

$3.21 TOTAL!!

I think I've expressed before how frustrated I've been that there are virtually NO deals on dishwasher detergent. Since starting couponing back in June, I've never once seen a stock-up deal on the stuff. Occasionally, there might be a deal on the tabs or "pac" type detergents, but I can't use those with my dishwasher. And the $0.25 off coupons they put out for Cascade usually don't make a dent. So I've been buying my detergent practically at full price -- usually store brand, clearance, or "cheapest I can find that day" every few weeks when I run out.

So I was putting together my shopping list today - hoping to use up a few coupons before they expire - and I had a revelation!! ANYTHING can be a good deal... as long as you use the moneymaker from another deal to pay for the item you want. I knew there was a great money-maker opportunity on Vicks Sinex this week at Walgreens, and even though I personally don't need anymore Sinex, I could use the money I made from that deal to pay for my Cascade. Here's how I ran it!!!! <--- Three exclaimation points! Can you tell I'm excited??

Transaction #1

4 Vicks Sinex Liquicaps 20 ct. @ $5 each
2 Puffs Tissues @ $1.99 each
- 4) $4/1 Sinex coupons from the 12/26 P&G
- 2) FREE Puffs Tissues wyb 2 Vicks 11/28 P&G (exp.12/31) (-$3.98)
- Walgreens in-ad coupon making the tissues $0.89 each (-$2.20)
Paid: $1.62 OOP (after -0.18 tax)
Got Back:
$10 RR for spending $20 on Vicks
Final Cost: 4 Vicks and 2 Tissues for FREE + $8.38 moneymaker!!!
** Be sure to hand over the Walgreens in-ad coupon for the tissues last. This may also depend on your cashier. Also, I saw the same tissues for $1.69 at a few stores, so your amount may depend on the price at your store.

Transaction #2

Holiday Gift Sack @ $0.12 (50% Clearance) <-- filler!

3 Cascade Gel Detergents 60oz @ $3.99
(sale price)
- 3) .25/1 coupons from the 11/28 or 12/26 P&G
- $2 RR received when you spend $10 on Cascade
Final Cost: $3.07 each

$10 RR earned on first transaction + $1.45 OOP (.11 tax)
Got Back: $2 RR for spending $10 on Cascade
** Did NOT expect this RR to print since I used a P&G RR to pay for it, but it did!!

That means I only paid $3.07 total out of pocket for both transactions --AND-- got back $2 towards another trip. So I got everything in both transactions for just $1.07!! I ran this deal 3 different times at 3 different stores and now I'm fully stocked on Cascade and tissue for a grand total of $3.21 for everything you see in the picture!! That's $0.36 per Cascade and everything else for FREE!! And I'll donate the Sinex to family members who need it. Happiness!

NOTE: If you're hoping to run this deal, you'll have to be quick. The FREE Puffs coupons expire tomorrow 12/31.

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