Friday, December 31, 2010

Frugal Darling's Favorite Deals of 2010

Since it's almost the New Year, I thought I'd list some of my favorite frugal finds and coupon deals of 2010. Keep in mind that I've only been extreme couponing since July. And I didn't start this blog until August. Here we go...
  • My 1st CVS shopping trip. Sometime in early July. My sister and her husband sent me the link to the Hip2Save website. I got 19 items for $22 dollars. 3 of the items were completely FREE. Looking back, it wasn't a very impressive trip, but it was enough to hook me!
  • When the Randalls customer service rep wrote me an "IOU" catalina on my receipt. LOL!!
  • All the many trips I made to CVS where I walked out having made more money than I spent!! Like this trip! Or this trip. Or this trip. Or this one where I practically drool over CVS -- sheesh! Obsessed much?? Or maybe this one? LOL There were way too many. CVS is absolutely this couponer's favorite store of the year!
What were your favorite deals in 2010?

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