Sunday, November 21, 2010

Personal Update....

So... we finally snagged our BOGO Starbucks today. A Gingerbread Latte for me and White Chocolate Peppermint for the hubby... pictured above with 2 Shipley's Donuts --neither frugal nor diet-friendly, although this certainly doesn't diminish my love for them! :P

It honestly wasn't the most frugal deal, if you ask me. The BOGO deal, I mean. A tall coffee at Starbucks costs nearly $4 after tax, so $2 per cup after BOGO. Still, it was good for the soul. And I certainly needed it after finding out last night that I'm officially jobless again. *sigh*

It's not entirely tragic. I only made around $400 a month and it'll give me more time to spend with my own children -- time to organize too, shop, blog, maybe lose a few lbs. But it's sad because my "job" was to watch 2 children I truly love with all my heart and I'll miss them. It's been a blessing to help them grow and blossom over the last 3 years. And I honestly can't imagine watching anyone else's children, as these two felt so much like my "own". But it was time for them to move on. I understand that. Hopefully I'll still see them from time to time.

So I probably won't look for other children to watch for a while. I'll have to find other ways to make money, though, so back to surveys and lots of couponing. In a way, it's exciting! It's back-to-basics scraping! I've always been good at pinching pennies and "making it work". It'll be fun to see what I can do. Looking on the bright side is my specialty.

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