Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Neutrogena Clinical Rebate Update!!

If you participated in the Neutrogena Clinical Rebate deal back in July, you probably already know what a mess it turned out to be. Most of us bought the product in the hopes that it would be a moneymaker after coupons and rebate, but were disappointed when our checks came in -- made out in the amount of our out of pocket costs -- minus any coupons (even those used on other items in the transaction!!) There were even widespread reports of shoppers who had their Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards deducted from their check! Some only received a check for 17 cents!! Can you imagine?? Criminal!!

This caused quite an uproar in the couponing community. But I considered myself one of the lucky ones as I'd just started extreme couponing and received a check for the full price minus only the $5 coupon I'd used for the product. Mine turned out to be FREE so I didn't complain or send an email to the company. I figured they had every right to at least deduct the $5 coupon -- and that was the end of it.

So imagine my surprise when I got a check in the mail yesterday for another $5 dollars from Neutrogena!! I guess they must have gone through all the rebates again and are attempting to make it right for their customers! If you were part of this rebate, keep your eyes on your mailbox this week!
Way to go, Neutrogena!! Smiley

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