Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still Learning...

One thing I really must learn when it comes to couponing is patience. I often forget to wait for sales and my fear of expiring coupons sometimes leads me to use my coupons impulsively, only to regret it later when I find a far better sale.

For instance, I used my Hidden Valley Ranch ecoupon last night after the catalina debacle. Turns out, the salad dressing goes on sale today and would've made the two I bought FREE after coupon and ecoupon. I was also pretty proud of a deal I got on the Tyson chicken nuggets this past week. But those same nuggets are even cheaper this week!

I know we're only talking about a dollar here and a dollar there... maybe even a few cents here and there.. but hey, every penny counts. We're certainly not going broke spending an extra fifty cents on chicken nuggets, but when you take saving money as seriously as I do, it's a definite irritation.

So note to self: Stick to the sales ads and start a price book. Coupon expiration dates aren't a big deal. Coupons expire, but guess what? They get released again.. and sometimes have even higher values! Paper coupons are easy to come by, but ecoupons are not, and once they're gone, they're gone... so use them wisely! Keep researching -- there's still so much to learn. But most importantly... if you happen to miss out on a good deal, or burn your ecoupons the day before an item goes on sale, just forgive yourself and let it go. There's no point fretting over it. Patience with yourself is just as important as anything else.

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