Saturday, August 28, 2010


So with all the excitement of saving money with extreme couponing, I almost forgot how expensive the beginning of the school year can be. Buying the kids clothes and supplies is hard enough on the budget, but my son started High School this year, so we had added expenses for his swimming and orchestra classes. And unfortunately, this is the stuff you can't find coupons for.

First, he had to have a physical. $35 at CVS minute-clinic because I couldn't get him an appointment at our regular doctor fast enough. Then he needed swim bottoms (long legged speedo looking things) and goggles -- that was another $40 at Sports Authority. Then he needed a new bow for his viola -- $70. His orchestra class requires a $100 activity fee. And then the big one -- $369 for a Spring Trip to South Padre Island. WHAT?????

To make matters worse, our computer finally died two days ago and we had to spend another $335 (cheapest we could find) on a new CPU at Best Buy. This one was a mistake because I've known for a while now that we needed a new computer and I should've been looking for deals, but I didn't.

So if you weren't counting, that's $949 just this week! OUCH!! The good thing is that we can afford to pay it. Because I coupon, and shop deals, and pinch pennies, we're able to pay for the important stuff when it comes up. And that's a good feeling. So if you're not already living frugally, you should definitely start. Pay down your debt, set up a savings plan, and start putting YOURSELF first.

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