Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Most Jinxy Catalina EVER!! LOL

This morning I read about a catalina deal going on at Randall's -- buy Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and any cereal to receive a $3 Catalina on your next shopping order. We've never really tried the almond milk but coupons and catalina would make both free, so I decided to give it a shot. And it turned out to be one of the more comical couponing adventures I've had yet. LOL

So first of all, my catalina didn't print at checkout. I asked the cashier why it didn't print and he fiddled with the machine (literally banging it around) before asking another cashier to come over and look at it. They both man-handled the machine for a while and finally figured out that it was unplugged. Fabulous. So they sent me to customer service where the representative -- after much confusion over how to handle the situation -- proceeded to hand-write me an "IOU" on my receipt. I couldn't help but giggle. Totally jinxy! LOL!!

Don't get me wrong.. I was happy to know they were willing to stand behind the advertised offer! But nothing about this scrawled note on my receipt seemed legit. I could just imagine myself coming back at a later date and trying to pawn off that hand-written ghetto style catalina on my next shopping trip. The cashiers face -- sure to be priceless! So despite the fact that I had three kids with me -- all hungry and full of complaints -- I promptly turned around, grabbed a few more items, and used it right away. There was no way I was gonna risk it.

Anyway.. it all turned out for the best. Even with the inconvenience of having to throw an unplanned shopping order together at the last minute, I still managed to get some good deals. Here's what I got...

Transaction #1

2 Del Monte Smoothies @ $1 each
- 2) $1/1 IP
Final Cost: FREE!!

Cara Mia Marinated Artichoke Hearts @ $1
- .50 Aug. Fresh Ideas Booklet coupon (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: FREE!!

HoneyNut Cheerios @ $1.99
- .55 cellfire ecoupon
Final Cost: $1.44

Almond Breeze Vanilla Milk @ $3.49
- .50/1 IP (doubled to $1)
- .55 shortcuts ecoupon
- .55
shortcuts ecoupon
Final Cost: $1.39

Got back the $3.00 "IOU" for buying the cereal and Almond breeze, making them both free + $0.17 moneymaker!

Transaction #2

2 Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing 16 oz. @ $3.19 each
- $2/2 MDA booklet coupon
- $2/2 cellfire ecoupon
Final Cost: $2.38 or $1.19 each

Lawry's Seasoned Salt @ $2.29
- .50/1 MDA booklet coupon (doubled to $1)
- .50 cellfire ecoupon
- .50 cellfire ecoupon
- .50 randalls.com loadable
Final Cost: FREE + $0.21 moneymaker

2 Martha White Muffin Mixes @ $0.99 each
- .55/2 coupon from 8/8 RP
- .55 (coupon deducted twice?)
Final Cost: $0.88 or $0.44 each

Safeway Maple Syrup @ $1.99

Then I used the $3 "IOU" and paid $1.98 out of pocket. Not too shabby.

For the record, the Almond Breeze catalina deal ends today, so it's unlikely that anyone reading this will actually benefit from this post, but I had to share it anyway. And huge thanks to Katy Couponers for posting about the catalina deal. It certainly provided me a decent chuckle today. :D

UPDATE: UGH... I just realized that the 16 oz. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing goes on sale for $1.99 tomorrow. Tha
t means I would've gotten two bottles for FREE with my coupons and ecoupons. That makes this whole affair slightly less funny. :(

Monday, August 30, 2010

WALGREENS 8/29 -9/4

Walgreens has some great Register Rewards freebies in their ad this week -- and the best part is, you don't even need coupons to take advantage of them!! Here's what I got!

Breathe Right Advanced Strips 10 ct. @ $4.00
- $4.00 RR
Final Cost: FREE!!

Walgreens Perfection Tampons 8 ct. @ $1.99
- $2 RR
Final Cost: FREE + $0.01 moneymaker!!

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm @ $2.00
- $2 RR
Final Cost: FREE!!

CVS DEALS 8/29 - 9/4

I wasn't very impressed with the CVS ad this week. Maybe because my stockpiles are filling up or maybe because the excitement is wearing off? Dunno. I'm trying to narrow my trips down to one or two a week because I'm starting to feel a little burned out. Constantly running, shopping, clipping, etc. -- it'll wear you down after a while. Hard to complain, though, when you're still getting great stuff for FREE. Here's what I got at CVS this week.

Crest ProHealth Complete Mouth Rinse @ $3.97
- $2/1 coupon from the 8/1 P&G
- 2.50 ECB
Final Cost: FREE + $0.53 moneymaker!!

Philips Color Earbuds @ $6.99
- $6.99 ECB
Final Cost: FREE!!

Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap @ $0.97
- $1 P&G Sampler Pack Mailer coupon
Final Cost: FREE + $0.03 moneymaker!!

I used $7.99 in previous Extra Care Bucks, paid $1.04 out of pocket, and received $9.49 back in Extra Care Bucks -- plus an extra $1 ECB for using my bagtag. So I basically got everything in the picture for FREE and came out ahead by $1.46!

Make Money Monday!

Something I'd like to start this week is "Make Money Monday". I spend so much time trying to save money that I sometimes forget how important it is to make money! Even small amounts count toward the larger goal -- paying down our mortgage and putting more in savings. So each Monday, I'd like to focus on doing something to bring a little more money into the house.

This morning, I completed a few online surveys and requested checks from two different survey companies -- SurveySavvy and Synovate. Every so often, I check to see how much has accumulated in my various survey accounts. I found I had $15.50 in SurveySavvy and 10,000 points available at Synovate (redeemable for a $10 check!). So that's $25.50!!

If you're unfamiliar with SurveySavvy or Synovate, they're online survey companies that pay you for your opinion! You sign up through their websites, provide some basic information about yourself, then they send you surveys via email that you can choose to respond to. The surveys might be on different things -- new products, movies, magazines. Sometimes they even send you products to try at home and give your opinions on! I've gotten free cereal, beauty products, body washes, etc. It's fun, it's easy, and it's FREE to join and participate. You won't get RICH but you can make a few bucks here and there.

Anyway... I still have lots of plans to make more money. I need to have a garage sale, or sell some things on Ebay, or maybe craigslist. I guess we'll talk about that next week. Hope everyone is having a great Monday! :D

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sale prices run through Tuesday, August 31st.

...Buy 3 participating juice products, get 2 snacks free deal...

6 Mott's 100% Apple Juice @ $2 each
4 Kelloggs Rice Krispie Treats (FREE!!)
- 3) $2/2 MDA booklet coupons
Final Cost: $6 for all 10 items or $0.60 each!!

Wishbone Salad Dressing @ $0.99
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: FREE!!

2 Del Monte Smoothies @ $1 each
- 2) $1/1 IPs or 8/15 RP
Final Cost: 2 FREE!!

Hostess Donettes @$2.25
- $1 Randalls ecoupon
- $1 Randalls IP
Final Cost: $0.25!!

Campbell's Condensed Kid's Soups @ $1 each
- .50/2 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $.50 each!!

Tyson Chicken Nuggets @ $5.49
- $1 MDA booklet coupon
- $1 cellfire ecoupon
- $1 cellfire ecoupon
Final Cost: $2.49!!

2 Glad Storage bags @ $2.49 each
- $2/2 MDA booklet coupons
- $2/2 cellfire ecoupon
Final Cost: $0.49 each!!

4 Pepsi Max Soft Drinks @$0.88 each
- 2) BOGO IP's
Final Cost: $0.44 each!!


HEB Sale runs through Tuesday, August 31st.

2 Eggo 10 ct. Waffles @ $0.98 each
- $1/2 from the 7/25 RP
Final Cost: $0.48 each!!

Buy HEB Milk @ $2.58 get FREE HEB Large 12 ct. eggs

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So with all the excitement of saving money with extreme couponing, I almost forgot how expensive the beginning of the school year can be. Buying the kids clothes and supplies is hard enough on the budget, but my son started High School this year, so we had added expenses for his swimming and orchestra classes. And unfortunately, this is the stuff you can't find coupons for.

First, he had to have a physical. $35 at CVS minute-clinic because I couldn't get him an appointment at our regular doctor fast enough. Then he needed swim bottoms (long legged speedo looking things) and goggles -- that was another $40 at Sports Authority. Then he needed a new bow for his viola -- $70. His orchestra class requires a $100 activity fee. And then the big one -- $369 for a Spring Trip to South Padre Island. WHAT?????

To make matters worse, our computer finally died two days ago and we had to spend another $335 (cheapest we could find) on a new CPU at Best Buy. This one was a mistake because I've known for a while now that we needed a new computer and I should've been looking for deals, but I didn't.

So if you weren't counting, that's $949 just this week! OUCH!! The good thing is that we can afford to pay it. Because I coupon, and shop deals, and pinch pennies, we're able to pay for the important stuff when it comes up. And that's a good feeling. So if you're not already living frugally, you should definitely start. Pay down your debt, set up a savings plan, and start putting YOURSELF first.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today is the final day of the "Buy 8 get $4" sale at Kroger. So it's our last chance to stock up on some great items at a super cheap price. I made one final run this morning because I had more Lifewater BOGO coupons to use and I'd found .50/2 peelies for the Goldfish 10 for $10 sale. Plus, cellfire reset this morning and offered up more great coupons to match with the sale. My daughter wants to take her lunch to school this year, so I figured the extra snacks will definitely come in handy over the next few months. Here's what I got...

6 Goldfish Crackers @ $1 each (You do not have to buy 10 to get the $1 price!!)
- 3) .50/2 peelies (doubled to $1 each)
Final Cost: $0.50 each!!

------ Buy 8 get $4 Sale Items ------
Prices listed reflect $4 discount. Must buy in groups of 8!

3 Chex Mix @ $0.99 each
- 3) .50 IP's (doubled to $1 each)
- .50 cellfire
Final Cost: 3 FREE + $0.53 overage!!

16 Sobe Lifewaters @ $0.50 each
- 8 BOGO coupons (cashier deducted $1 sale price x 8)
Final Cost: 16 FREE!!

3 Sunny D's @ $0.78 each
- 3) .25/1 (tripled to $0.75 each)
Final Cost: $0.03 each!!

3 Bumblebee Light Tunas @ $0.50 each
- $0.75/3 receipt coupon
Final Cost: $0.25 each!!

Golden Graham Treat Bars $1.49
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.49

Betty Crocker Mini Warm Delights @ $1.49
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.49

3 Nature Valley Granola Thins @ $1.99 each
- 3) .50 IP's (doubled to $1 each)
- 2) .50 cellfire
- 1) .50 shortcuts
Final Cost: $0.49 each

1 Nature Valley Nut Clusters @ $1.99
- $1 IP
- $ .50 cellfire
Final Cost: $0.49

1 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars @ $1.99
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.99

There's also a catalina deal on the Nature Valley Granola bars. Buy 3 get $1.50, Buy 4 get $2.50, Buy 5 get $3.50. So I got back a $3.50 Catalina for buying 5 Nature Valley Granola Products. This brought my total cost for all five products down to FREE + $0.55 moneymaker. So I basically got everything in the picture above for a total of $3.74!!

Please Note: The Sobe Lifewaters continue to be the most unpredictable item in the Buy 8 Get $4 sale. When using the BOGO coupons, I've had different cashiers deduct .50 cents, $1, and $1.49 per coupon. So there's just no telling whether or not you'll end up paying .25 cents each, get them free, or actually make money on them. My advice is to watch the register closely. Remember that you can save these coupons and wait for a BOGO sale at CVS -- there's no point in paying for them! You can always politely tell the cashier you'd rather not buy them if she's only going to deduct the .50 promotional price.

I also found a great deal on Totino's Pizza Rolls (15 ct) at Randall's last night. These are part of a 3 day sale -- $0.99 each with in-ad coupon. But the coupon sale expires today, so you'll want to hurry! Here's what I did...

2 Totino's Pizza Rolls (15 ct.) @ $0.99 each with in-store ad
- .50/2 IP (doubled to $1)
- 2) $0.40 ecoupons
Final Cost: $0.09 each!!

Please Note: There's a minimum $10 purchase to use this coupon. I'm pretty sure this includes the original $1.99 sale price on the pizza rolls so you'll only need to buy another $6.02 worth of stuff (before coupons!) When I'm stuck in this situation, I usually either look for other items I can pair up with my coupons or I purchase something like meat (only if you find a good sale, manager's special, etc.), fresh fruit, or inexpensive frozen vegetables. Randall's was running a sale on their store brand frozen veggies -- $0.99 cents per bag when you buy 5 or more. So I picked up several of those and also got some tissues for my kid's school supplies. Hope that helps! :D


My two older kids started back to school yesterday and my oldest son started High School this year. This makes for a very proud, but confused, Momma. Where did the years go? Didn't I just give birth to that kid?? *sigh*

So after dropping the kids off at school, I took the baby shopping to Walmart. I'd only intended to find some storage boxes to organize my stockpiles, but I found a frugal find instead! These 2 piece organic cotton PJ's were clearanced @ $3 each. I'd bought a few of these at the beginning of the summer for $5 and I love them. They're lightweight, super soft, and adorable on my 15-month old. So I picked up four new pairs -- 2 in his current size and 2 in the next size up.

Keep in mind that I actually visited two different Walmarts yesterday (kids came home with additional supply lists) -- one had these clearanced and the other did not. So your store might be different. But if you can find them, I think they're worth a peek. They come in sizes from 6-9 months up to 5T. Good luck! :D

Note: While I was there I also found flip-flops clearanced @ $1 each and Skinner Quik Cook Macaroni-Style Pasta with $0.55 peelies on them. The pasta was priced at $1.08 so I got it for $0.53!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

CVS DEALS 8/22 - 8/28

Great moneymaker week at CVS!! Here's what I got...

Buy $15 worth of John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner, get $5 ECB
3 John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoos @ $5 each
- 3) $3/1 Root Awakening coupons from the 8/22 SS
- $5 ECB
Final Cost: $0.33 each!!

Blink Gel Tears 0.34 oz. @ $7.99
- $1.50 IP
- $7.99 ECB
Final Cost: Free + $1.50 moneymaker

Listerine Zero 500 ml @ $3.99
- $2 IP
- $2 ECB
Final Cost: FREE!!

Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss @ $3.49
- $0.75 coupon from the 8/1 P&G
- $2.50 ECB
Final Cost: $0.24!!

I also used a $5 off a $15 purchase coupon (printed on the bottom of a receipt earlier in the week). So I basically got everything in the picture for FREE and actually made $5.26!!! I love CVS! :D


I received some really great Pampers coupons in the mail this week that went perfectly with a Register Rewards deal at Walgreens. I also lucked out when sifting through the clearance shelf to find a 2 oz. bottle of Biotrue contact solution priced down to $1.49. I'd printed out a $2 coupon a few weeks ago when these were part of a CVS Extra Care Bucks sale, but I never used it because my store never had the 2 oz. in stock. So I used the coupon today, got solution for free, and even made $0.51 toward my other purchases. :D

Biotrue 2 oz. contact solution clearanced @ $1.49
- $2 IP (on 2 oz. or larger)
Final Cost: FREE + $0.51 moneymaker

Listerine Zero 500 ml @ $1.99 with in-ad coupon
- $2 IP
Final Cost: FREE!!

** Be very watchful with this one. For some reason, this item rang up at $5.29. When I brought it to the attention of the cashier and manager, they were perplexed as to why it rang up this price and which coupons to use to make it the advertised price, etc. They were very nice and eventually just gave me a refund for the difference, but you'll want to pay attention.

2 Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers @ $8.99 each
- $3/1 Pampers Cruisers Home Mailer coupon
- $1.75/1 Any Pampers Home Mailer coupon
Got back $3 Register Reward for buying 2 Pampers Diapers
Final Cost: $5.11 each!!

2 Pampers Wipes @ $2.50 each
- 2) Free Wipes wyb Diapers coupons from the 8/1 P&G
Final Cost: 2 FREE!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


By now, you should know that I'm totally obsessed with Kroger's Buy 8 Get $4 Sale. I think I've shopped this sale at least 6 times in the last two weeks!! And I just keep going back! Try to remember that I'm currently building my stockpiles so I might be buying in quantities that seem absurd -- but hopefully soon I'll be all stocked up and only have to buy stuff when it's ridiculously cheap or FREE!! :D

2 Dial Liquid Handsoaps @ $1 each
- 2) .35/1 coupon from 8/15 RP (tripled to $1.05 each)
Final Cost: FREE + $0.10 overage

Country Crock @ $1
- $0.40 Aug. All You Mag (doubled to $0.80)
Final Cost: $0.20

3 Manwich @ $1 each
- $1/3 Aug. All You Mag
Final Cost: $0.67 each

SeaPak Popcorn Shrimp $8.99 BOGO sale
- $1 receipt coupon
Final Cost: $3.99 each!

---- Buy 8 Get $4 Sale Items ----
Prices listed reflect $4 discount

8 Sobe Lifewaters @ $0.50 each
- 4 BOGO coupons (cashier took off $1.49 full price per coupon)
Final Cost: FREE + $1.96 overage

3 SunnyD's @ $0.78 each
- 3) $0.25/1 coupon from 8/8 SS (tripled to $0.75 each)
Final Cost: $0.03 each!!!

2 Bumble Bee Light Tunas @ $0.50 each
- $0.50 receipt coupon (did not double)
Final Cost: $0.25 each!

3 Chex Mix @ $0.99 each
- 3) .50/1 IP
Final Cost: 3 FREE!!

2 Warm Delights @ $1.49 each
- 2) .50 IP
Final Cost: $0.49 each!

Cheetos @ $1.49

2 Nature Valley Nut Clusters @ $1.99 each
- 2) $1/1 IPs
Final Cost: $0.99 each

1 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars @ $1.99
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.99

2 Nature Valley Granola Thins @ $1.99 each
- 2) .50 IP (doubled to $1 each)
- .50 Shortcuts
- .75 Shortcuts
Final Cost: $0.37 each

Got back $3.50 ONYNSO for buying 5 Nature Valley Granola Bars = $0.04 each for the granola bars and nut clusters!! :D


Target run today. Scored some great deals on socks for my son and lots of free stuff, including free fruit!! :D

2 lb. Bag Plums @ $0.99
- $1 Produce Target web coupon
Final Cost: FREE!!

10 Chef Boyardee Pastas @ $0.84 each
- 10) $1/1
Target web coupon
Final Cost: 10 FREE!!

Campbell's Select Harvest Soups on Price Cut @ $1.50 each
- 2) $1/1 IP
- 2) .50/1
Target web coupons
Final Cost: 2 FREE!!

3 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First Aid Kits @ $0.97 each
- $3/3 coupon from the 8/1 SS
Final Cost: 3 FREE!!

9 Hello Kitty 10ct. Band Aids @ $0.97 each
- 3) $3/3 coupon from the 8/1 SS
Final Cost: 9 FREE!!

4 LA Looks Hair Gels @ $1.45 each
- 4) $1/1 coupon from 8/1 RP or HERE
Final Cost: $0.45 each!!

2 Brushed Velour Pillows @ $3 each
- 2) $1/1 Pillow
Target web coupons
Final Cost: $2 each

4 Del Monte Fruit Packs @ $1.82 (Buy 3 get 1 Free sale)
- 3) $1/1
Target web coupons (could not use a coupon on free pack)
Final Cost: $0.62 each!!

2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal clearanced @ $2.15 each
- $1/2 peelie
- 2) $1
Target web coupons
Final Cost: $0.65 each!!

Hanes 6 pk Premium Socks (in black)
repackaged & clearanced @ $5.61 (reg. $7.99)
- $1/1 peelie
- $1
Target web coupon
Final Cost: $3.61

Hanes 6 pk Socks (in white) $5 sale
- $1/1 peelie
- $1
Target web coupon
Final Cost: $3


I actually made this purchase yesterday. But with all the school shopping we've been doing (it's Tax Free Weekend here in Texas), I haven't had much time to take pictures or blog. My hubby just took the kids to a movie so I have a little free time to post the deals I got while out and about. Here's what we got at HEB....

7 HEB Thin Potato Chips @ $2 each
- 7) $1/1 coupons from the 8/15 SS
Final Cost: $1 each!!

2 Nesquik Syrups @ $1 each
- 2) .55/1 coupons from the 8/1 RP
Final Cost: $0.45 each!!

2 Hill Country Fare Cheese Slices @ $1 each!!

We also bought this week's meal deal...

Buy Stouffer's Party Size Lasagna or Chicken Enchiladas @ $11.09 and get the following items FREE!!
* Fresh Express Premium Garden Salad 10 - 12 oz., assorted varieties
* Nestlé 8 Pack Candy, assorted varieties
* Hill Country Fare Garlic Bread, 8 oz.
* Nestlé Juicy Juice, 46 oz., assorted varieties

with in-store coupons save more than $6.94 in FREE items!


I shopped the Randall's Weekend Only sale on Totino's Party Pizzas this morning. I was also out of dishwashing detergent and haven't started my stockpile on that item yet, so I was lucky to find a bottle of store brand detergent in their clearance section for 50% off. Here's what I got!

5 Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizzas @ $0.99 each
(Saturday and Sunday only)

- $1/5 ecoupon
- 2) $1/2 IP's
Final Cost: $0.39 each!!

Safeway Dishwasher Detergent @ $3.49
- $1.75 from 50% off sticker
Final Cost: $1.74

Hostess Mini Muffins @ $1.99 with in-ad coupon
- $1 ecoupon
Final Cost: $0.99

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Randall's will have Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizzas on sale for $0.99 on Saturday and Sunday only. There's a $1/5 ecoupon available on both cellfire and shortcuts. And there's a $1/5 IP available through the Target website. But if you want to score an even better deal, you can print the .50/2 coupon HERE (after coupon prints, hit the back button to print a second time).

My Randall's will double coupons up to .50 cents -- first like coupon doubles, additional are at face value only.

5 Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizzas @ $0.99 each

- $1/5 cellfire ecoupon

- $0.50/2 IP (doubled to $1)

- $0.50/2 IP (face value)

Final Cost: $0.49 each!!

Wanna make this deal even sweeter? Print the $1/2 coupon instead (will need to share with 3 friends), use 2 of the $1/2 coupons, and get 5 pizzas for just $0.39 each! :D

NOTE: Please keep in mind that ecoupons at Randall's are a little unpredictable and if you have multiple $1/5 ecoupons loaded on your card, or through more than one ecoupon site, you're very likely to have them ALL come off. This will make for a great moneymaker but you'll want to either have additional items in your cart to cover the overage or a backup plan in case you get a negative balance.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My sister has been scoring some really great deals at Randall's lately, so while the kids and I were out school shopping today (in the 900 degree heat), I decided to stop in at Randall's and take advantage of their "Buy 4 get $4 instantly" sale. The theme of the week seems to be snacks and I certainly stocked up!! Here's what we got! :D

Tide Stain Release 18ct. $5.99 after in-ad coupon
- $3/1 from the 8/1 P&G
- $3/1 P&G esaver ecoupon
Final Cost: FREE + $0.01 overage!!

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Brownie 2ct. $1.99 after in-ad coupon
- $1/1 IP

- $1/1 cellfire ecoupon
Final Cost: FREE + $0.01 overage!!

Bisquick $2.89
- 2) .50
shortcuts ecoupons
- 1) .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.89

----- Buy 4 get $4 Sale Items -----

2 Fiber One Bars @ $1.49 each
- 2) .50
shortcuts ecoupons
- 1) .50 IP (doubled to $1)
- 1) .50 IP (face value)
Final Cost: $0.24 each!!

1 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars @ $1.49
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.49

3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereals @ $1.49 each
- $1/2 GM cereals coupon from 7/11 SS
- .60 IP (no longer available)
Final Cost: $0.96 each

1 Trix Cereal @ $1.49
- .55 IP
Final Cost: $0.94

5 Fruit Snacks @ $0.99 each (2 had 50% off stickers on them!)
- $0.99 because 1 fruit snack rang up $0.00 (no idea why???)
- 2) .50
shortcuts ecoupons
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
- .50 IP (face value)
- $1 for 50% sticker

- $1 for 50% sticker
Final Cost: FREE + $0.54 overage!!

So I paid $5.12 for everything in the picture and got back a $3 OYNSO for buying 5 fruit snacks and a $1.50 OYNSO for buying 3 Nature Valley/Fiber One snack bars. So I basically got everything in the picture above for $0.62!! Happiness!!

We also made a quick stop at Krogers for one last chance at free snacks and cheap detergent during the final day of their "Buy 8 get $4" sale. Here's what we got!

2 Ultra Purex Laundry Detergent @ $1.99 each
- 2) .35/1 from 8/15 RP (tripled to $1.05 each)
Final Cost: $0.94 each!!

---- Buy 8 get $4 Sale Items ----

3 Chex Mix @ $0.99 each
- 3) .50 IP (doubled to $1 each)
Final Cost: 3 FREE!!

2 Gardettos @ $0.99 each
- 2) .50 IP (doubled to $1 each)
Final Cost: 2 FREE!!

2 Cocoa Puffs Cereal @ $1.48 each
- 2) .55 IPs
- 1) .55
Final Cost: $0.66 each

1 Warm Delights @ $1.49
- .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.49

Paid $3.57 out of pocket!! And our snack cabinet is officially stuffed! :D

UPDATE: According to Stephanie at Katy Couponers, the Kroger "Buy 8 get $4" sale goes through this week also!! Thanks, Stephanie!

Monday, August 16, 2010


One thing I've learned since I started "extreme couponing" is that you win some and you lose some. Not all your deals will go as planned. Things won't always ring up as they're supposed to. Cashiers can be unpredictable and some coupons will mysteriously not show up on your receipt (the nerve!!). Overall, you're still going to save loads of money and come out ahead, but there will be times when you feel disappointed because something didn't turn out like you'd hoped.

Such was the case when I made a final trip to Kroger this week to take advantage of their "Buy 8 get $4 off" sale. I'd been saving up my Sobe BOGO coupons and wanted to stock up on Lifewaters since the coupons should have made them free or a moneymaker after the sale. Two previous cashiers had rung up my BOGO coupons at full regular price which made them moneymakers. But this last cashier only rung them up at $0.50 which meant I actually paid $0.25 per Lifewater. And I bought 14! ARGHHH!!! This was especially biting because I could've used the BOGO coupons at the CVS BOGO sale this week and gotten them for free. *sigh*

And what really stinks is that I stood there and watched her do it. And I didn't speak up. I'm still not overly confident in confronting cashiers. I've had coupons denied -- even when I knew I could use them -- and I just walked off without a fight. I really have to work on this. I only lost $3.50 but that's a lot of money when you consider I could have gotten them free somewhere else.

Anyway... here's what I got... remember that prices listed are after the $4 discount

14 Sobe Lifewaters @ 0.50 each
- 7 BOGO coupons (cashier deducted $0.50 x 7)
Final Cost: $3.50 or $0.25 each <---- GRRRR!!!

4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks @ $1.49 each
- 2) .50/2 IP (doubled to $1 each)
- 2) .50/2 cellfire and shortcuts ecoupons
- $2 OYNSO for buying 4 fruit snacks
Final Cost: $0.24 each!!

3 Chex Mix @ $0.99 each
- 3) $0.50 IP (doubled to $1 each)
- 1) $0.50 shortcuts ecoupon
Final Cost: FREE + $0.53 moneymaker

3 Gordettos @ $0.99 each
- 3) $0.50 IP (doubled to $1)
- 2) $0.50 cellfire ecoupons
- 1) $0.50 shortcuts ecoupon
Final Cost: FREE + $1.53 moneymaker

So I basically got everything in the picture for $2.40. Still not bad -- even with the Sobe disaster. But had it gone as planned, I would have gotten everything in the picture for FREE and came out ahead by $0.60. Sue me... I can't let it go. :(


Once again, Walgreens had a slow week and I had Register Rewards to spend. I still haven't quite figured out what to do with Register Rewards when I can't find good deals to buy. I thought about buying my milk at Walgreens, newspapers, rubbermaid containers (to organize my hoard stockpile), bread, etc. Stuff I wouldn't necessarily have coupons for but I'd still need for the house. This week I bought 2 newspapers and also some cleaning supplies that weren't a great sale but I needed anyway. Here's everything I got...

2 RightGuard Total Defense 5 Deodorants $3.99 Bogo sale
- BOGO coupon from 7/25 RP
Final Cost: 2 FREE!!

2 Head & Shoulders Shampoos 2 for $8 sale
- 1) BOGO coupon from the 7/11 SS
- 1) $1 coupon from 8/15 RP
- $2 Register Reward
Final Cost: $0.50 each!!

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup $0.79 with in-ad coupon
- $0.50/2 IP
Final Cost: $0.54 each

2 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gels @ $2.50 each
- BOGO coupon from 8/1 SS
Final Cost: $1.25 each

2 Scubbing Bubbles 16 oz. cleaners @ $2.50 each
- $1/2 coupon from 8/1 SS
Final Cost: $2.00 each

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo & Body Wash @ $4.29 each
- Buy 2, get 50% off second item sale
- 2) $1 IP coupons
Final Cost: $2.21 each (not a great price but I needed shampoo for Ethan)

After looking over my receipt a second time, I just realized I got stiffed on the 50% discount on the baby shampoo/body wash deal. I'll have to correct that sometime this week. Eurgh. Hopefully next week is a better Walgreens week.

CVS DEALS 8/15 - 8/21

So much for having a "complete" stockpile of deodorant. Both Walgreens and CVS are running BOGO sales on their Right Guard deodorants this week and I had a few more BOGO coupons to burn, so I decided to stock up. Why turn down free deodorant?? At the very least, I figured I could give some away to my Dad when we see him next. I would've been able to buy 2 more but I gave away one of my BOGO coupons to a woman I met in Walgreens last week. She said she'd been looking for the Right Guard deodorants that rang up BOGO (only in cool scent) so I gave her a coupon and told her which ones to buy. Coupon Karma!! :D

Anyway... here's what we got.

Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops 0.5 oz @ $7.99
- $7.99 ECB
- $1.50 IP from here or here
Final Cost: FREE + $1.50 moneymaker!!

Zegerid OTC 14 ct. @ $9.99
- $7 ECB
- $4 coupon from August All You Magazine
= FREE + $1.01 moneymaker

4 RightGuard Total Defense 5 Deodorants $4.49 BOGO sale
- 2) Bogo Coupons from the 7/25 RP
Final Cost: 4 FREE!!

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent 20 ct. $5.99
- $3 coupon from the 8/15 RP
- $2 ECB
Final Cost: $0.99!!

Emerald Pecan Pie Pecans $2.99 BOGO sale
- 2) $1 coupons from the 8/15 RP
Final Cost: $0.50 each!!

3 Pretzel M&M's $89 Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale
- $50/2 CVS coupon machine coupon
Final Cost: $0.43 each (not an amazing price but my kids wanted them)

Used $3 off $15 purchase CVS email coupon
Used $14 worth of previous ECB
Paid $0.87 out of pocket
Got back $16.99 in ECB

So I basically got everything in the picture for FREE and actually made $2.12!! :D

Friday, August 13, 2010


Kroger is having a really great promotion this week where you buy 8 participating products and receive $4 instantly off your bill. So we matched up our coupons and scored some really great snack items on the cheap! We made two trips so I've included both transactions and prices listed reflect the discounted price.

Transaction #1 (Pictured Above)
12 Sobe Lifewaters @ .50 - 6 BOGO IP
(cashier deducted $1.49 full price x 6)

Final Cost: FREE + $2.94 overage
2 Chex Mix @ .99 each - 2) .50 cellfire - 2) .50 IP (doubled to $1 each)
Final Cost: FREE + $1.02 overage
2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights @ $1.49 - 2) .50 cellfire - 2) .50 IP (doubled to $1 each)
Final Cost: FREE + 0.02 overage!!
2 Grands Biscuits @ $1.19 each - .30/2 cellfire - .30/2 8/8 SS (tripled to .90)
Final Cost: $0.59 each!
4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks @ $1.49 - 2) .50/2 IP (doubled to $1 each) - 2) .50/2 cellfire and shortcuts - $2 OYNSO for buying 4 fruit snacks
Final Cost: $0.24 each!!
2 Old El Paso Taco Shells @ .99 - .60/2 cellfire

Final Cost: $0.69 each!!
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars @ $1.99 - .50 IP (doubled to $1) - .50 shortcuts
Final Cost: $0.49
Golden Graham Treat Bars @ $1.49 - .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.49
3 Sunny D's @ $0.78 each - $1/3 IP
Final Cost: $0.45 each!!

3 GoGurt Yogurts @ $1.79 each - $1/1 IP - .75/2 in the 7/25 SS - .75/2
Final Cost: $0.96 each!

** So I basically got everything in the picture above for $4.75!! :D

Transaction #2
** These items not part of Buy 8 get $4 Promotion
** Hefty Zip Lock Bags on sale $1 each
** 2 Ultra Purex Natural Elements @ $1.99 - 2) $0.35 IP that tripled to $1.05 each
** Final Cost: $0.94 each!!!
** Kroger Cheese Balls $1.00 - $0.20 Kroger ecoupon
** Final Cost: $0.80!
** Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix (not pictured) - "FREE when you buy 2 Old El Paso Shells" peelie found on shells package
** Final Cost: FREE!!

-------------- BUY 8 products get $4 instantly sale --------------------
Prices listed are AFTER $4 sale deductions...

10 SOBE Lifewaters @ $0.50 each - 5 BOGO IP
(cashier deducted $1.49 x 5) - $2/10 Kroger ecoupon

Final Cost: FREE + $4.45 overage!!
2 Warm Delights @ $1.49 each - 2) .50/1 IP (doubled to $1 each) - .50 shortcuts - .50 cellfire
Final Cost: FREE + 0.02 overage!!!
3 Hamburger Helpers @ $0.89 cents - .75/3 IP
Final Cost: $0.64 cents each!
----> .75/3 ecoupon did not come off (emailing them today)
2 V-8 VFusion Juices @ $2.49 - $1/2 IP
Final Cost: $1.99 each

4 Totinos Pizza Rolls @ $2.79 each - 2) $1/2 IPs - 2) .40 cellfire
Final Cost: $2.09 each (Still a little high but my kids adore these..)
2 Toaster Strudels @ 1.99 each -.50/2 IP (doubled to $1) - .50 cellfire
Final Cost: $1.24 each
Golden Graham Treats $1.49 each - .50 IP (doubled to $1)
Final Cost: $0.49
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars $1.99 - .50 IP (doubled to $1) - .50 cellfire
Final Cost: $0.49
2 Old El Paso Taco Shells @ .99 each - .60 cellfire
Final Cost: $0.69 each!!
1 Sunny D Punch @ $0.78
2 Fruit Snacks @1.49 each - .50/2 IP (doubled to $1) - .50 cellfire
Final Cost: $0.74 each!

Please Note: We couldn't find them at our store, but the Gordetto's are also part of this sale @ $0.99 each. You can find a $0.50 coupon HERE which doubles to $1 and makes them FREE!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The kids and I had to take some books back to the library this afternoon so I decided to stop in at both CVS and Walgreens to see if I could snag a few of the money-makers I missed out on earlier in the week. And I scored!! Here's what I got...

-------- CVS --------

Dulcolax Balance 8.3 oz. $9.99 - $4 IP - $9.99 ECB
Final Cost: FREE + $4 MM

Plus I earned a $1 ECB just for using my greenbag tag. BONUS!! :D

* The $4 Internet Printable coupon is no longer available but you can find a $3 Printable Here. There's also a $3 coupon in the 8/8 SS.

-------- WALGREENS ----------

1st Transaction
BioTrue 4oz. Contact Solution $4.99 - $2 IP - $4 RR
Final Cost: FREE + $1 MM
Secret Soothing Effects Deodorant $2.29 clearance - $3 RR
Final Cost: FREE + .71 MM
Dial Nutriskin Body Wash $3.99 - $1 IP - $3 RR
Final Cost: FREE!!
2 RightGuard 3D Sport Cool Deodorant $2.99 BOGO sale - BOGO coupon 7/25 RP
Final Cost: 2 Free!!

2nd Transaction
Secret Soothing Effects Deodorant $2.29 clearance - $3 RR
Final Cost: FREE + .71 MM
2 RightGuard 3D Sport Cool Deodorant $2.99 BOGO sale - BOGO coupon 7/25 RP
Final Cost: 2 Free!!

** So I basically got everything in the picture for FREE and still came out ahead $7.42. Happiness!! Plus -- my deodorant stockpile is officially complete!


Have you ever gotten something out of the trash? The other day, I was taking my son to "Fish Camp" at his High School and my daughter noticed a huge pile of books and VHS tapes on the side of the road at our neighbor's house. They were clearly intended for the trash as it was garbage day and they were piled up near the trash can. My daughter immediately got excited because one of the books she'd seen was one she'd been wanting for a while. So on our way back, we stopped to see what had been thrown away.

Imagine our glee when we realized that our neighbor was throwing out dozens of practically new children's books and great VHS tapes -- many from Disney, etc. After clearing it with our neighbor, we threw the books and tapes into the back of our car and drove home to survey our loot. There were over 40 books and more than 20 movies!

After looking through everything, we decided to keep many of the books and 2 of the VHS tapes. The rest we hauled off to the Half Price Book Store and made $17.00!! Can you imagine? My daughter and I split the money and made $8.50 each on stuff we found in the trash! It's shocking to me what some people will throw away. But today, at least, I'm awfully glad they did. :D

Documentary Recommendation: I Love Trash
I Love Trash is a documentary about dumpster diving. Two friends decide to do an experiment in trash. They rent an unfurnished apartment and arrive with only the clothes they are wearing and a flashlight. They decide not to buy any things for 3 months and instead to find all their needs in the trash. They furnish their apartment lavishly. They eat decadently. They dress sharp, and create beautiful art, all from the trash. Click the link to watch online for free through snagfilms.com

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This was a weird Walgreens week for me. There wasn't much I wanted or needed in the sales ad but I had a ton of Register Rewards I needed to use -- so I had to find SOMETHING to buy. I was lucky to find a few decent deals and picked up a few things I needed for the kid's school (like a Scientific Calculator for Elijah @ $9.99) but these are the best deals I got...

Secret Soothing Deodorant on clearance @ $2.29
Get back $3 RR
Final Cost: FREE + $0.71 Money Maker!!

Dial Nutriskin Body Wash $3.99
- $1 IP coupon
Get back $3.00 RR
Final Cost: FREE!!

U by Kotex Ultra Thin 18ct. Pads and 18 ct. Tampons 2 for $7 sale
- $1 IP coupon
- $1 coupon from the 8/1 RP or 8/8 SS
- $2 coupon from the Walgreens August Coupon book (deducts $4 total)
Final Cost: $1.00 for 2 or $0.50 each!!

V8 V-Fusion Juice 2 for $5 with in-ad coupon
- 2) $1/1 IP coupons from here or here
Final Cost: $1.50 each

5 Tab Dividers 2 for $1 with in-ad coupon
Final Cost: $0.50 each!
These are great for organizing your coupon binders!

Hanes 3 pk panties $5.99 BOGO sale
- $1/1 peelie found on package
- $1/1 peelie found on package
Final Cost: $3.99 for 2 or $1.99 each

My daughter needed new underwear for school anyway and she absolutely loves the V8 V-Fusion juice, so this turned out to be a decent trip. I might try to grab a few more of those clearance deodorants later this week too... but I really have to be careful in the future not to collect too many Register Rewards. They expire after two weeks and if you can't use them, you lose them. No point in throwing money away.

CVS DEALS 8/8 - 8/14

I didn't see much I wanted or needed at CVS this week and by the time we got to the store this evening, a few of the deals I wanted were already sold out. So here's what we got...

Schick Hydro 5 $8.97
- $5 coupon from the 8/8 SS
Got back $4 ECB
Will submit for the “Try A New Schick Hydro Razor Free” rebate!
Final Cost: FREE + $9 Money Maker!! <---- NICE!! :D

Schick Hydro Shave Gel $3.99
- FREE shave gel when you buy Schick Hydro Razor coupon (found on the razor!)
Final Cost: FREE!!

2 All Small & Mighty 3x Laundry Detergent (32 loads) $7.49 BOGO sale
- 2 $1/1 coupons from the 8/1 RP
Final Cost: $2.75 each!

Unfortunately, we missed out on the Dulcolax and Gardettos deal. Buy one Dulcolax Balance 8.3 oz. at $9.99 and get back $9.99 in Extra Care Bucks. With my $4 IP coupon, that's a $4 money maker. (There's also a $5 coupon in the May "All You" magazine and a $3 coupon available online.) I also have $0.50 IP coupons for Gardetto which are on sale this week 2 for $3. That would make them $1 each. I'll try a few more stores this week to see if I can snag these.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Just got back from the in-laws loaded down with freshly picked pears from their backyard tree. Free pears = Happiness!!!! I see Pear Bread in our future! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010


We found Cocoa Krispies on clearance at Target during our Wednesday school shopping trip, so we gathered up coupons and headed back on Thursday to score lots of cheap cereal. Here are the deals we got!

6 Cocoa Krispies clearanced @ $1.48 each = $8.88
- 3) $1/2 Target web coupons
- 2) $1/3 from the 8/1 RP
= $3.88 or $0.65 each!!

2 Digiorno Deep Dish Pizzas $2 sale price = $4.00
- 2) $2/1 Digiorno Deep Dish IP coupons from facebook page
= 2 FREE!!

6 snack pack puddings @ $0.95 each = $5.70
- 2) $1/3 Target web coupons
- 3) .30/2 coupon from the 8/1 SS
= 2.80 or $0.47 each!!

Hanes Boxer Shorts clearanced @ $4.91
- $1 Target web coupon
= $3.91

Greenworks Detergent 60 Loads $11.99
- $3 Target web coupon
- $3 Internet Printable
= $5.99

I would've rather waited for a sale on the detergent, but my coupons were about to expire and this is still a good price for detergent. I'll try to print more coupons and wait for a sale -- now that I know which Target carries this product.